Jeremy Greene on the Analog Patient at Oslo June 14

Jeremy Greene will present "The Analog Patient: Towards a Media History of Medicine" at the Science Studies Colloquium Series at the University of Oslo on June 14. Jeremy's talk examines what the history of older technologies, such as the telephone and the television, teach us about the future of digitally medicated medicine. The seminar is open to the public. For more information, visit the event webpage.

Jeremy Greene at the University of Oslo June 12

Jeremy Greene is presenting "Mapping Global Health" at the University of Oslo on June 12. Jeremy will present findings from an interdisciplinary working group at Hopkins comprised of anthropologists, historians, epidemiologists, geographers and others engaged in studies of global health. The seminar is co-hosted by the Centre for Global Health (CGH) and the Department of Medical History and Medical Anthropology at the University of Oslo.

Gianna Pomata and Marta Hanson Answer FB Q&A

The March 17 issue of Isis featured an article by Profs Gianna Pomata and Marta Hanson,“Medicinal Formulas and Experiential Knowledge in the Seventeenth-Century Epistemic Exchange between China and Europe.”  Isis editors interviewed Gianna and Marta for the journal's Facebook page (posted May 29, 2017). Read the Q & A here:


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