Marta Hanson presents on Dec 9th at the University of Minnesota

Marta will present material from a new chapter "Material Things and Technologies of the Body in the Golden Mirror, 1742" in her book "'Understanding is Within One's Grasp' (liaoran zaiwo 燎然在握): Bodily Arts of Memory, Prognostication, and Being in Chinese Medicine"  in the Program on the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine at the University of Minnesota。


Mary Fissell in The Public Domain Review Book

Professor Mary Fissell's essay, "When the Birds and the Bees Were Not Enough: Aristotle’s Masterpiece," appears in the The Public Domain Review: Selected Essays, Volume III (PDR Press, 2016). A sneak peek of the volume is available at The Public Domain Review is an online journal, founded in 2011, that focuses on those materials that are out of copyright; their Selected Essays book series is published annually.

Graham Mooney Wins AJPH 2016 Paper of the Year Award

Prof. Graham Mooney has won a 2016 American Journal of Public Health Paper of the Year Award for his "Washington and Welch Talk About Race: Public Health, History, and the Politics of Exclusion," AJPH 2015;105(7):1317–1328. The award journal editor notes that the award recognizes a paper "that substantially contributes to our knowledge and understanding of a significant public health issue."

Congratulations, Graham!


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